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Hi, thanks for stopping by A Scriptured Life — a journey of making sense of life through Scripture. The goal of this blog is to encourage myself and others to think about what having faith means and what it offers us.

First off, you should know I am not a Biblical scholar or an expert on living your life with God. I am full of questions and exploring my faith, probably like many of you. Writing helps me make sense of what I learn and apply it to my life. If what I write helps someone else make sense of something, or better yet, if it encourages someone to do more research on their own, well then, I think we both benefit.

Until five or so years ago, the Bible was not a book I had ever read regularly. I believed in God, but I did not think much about his place in my life. Then, my daughter became mysteriously ill her first semester of college. After a year of many doctors and much suffering, she was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. After another full year of diet and medication trials, she thankfully found remission.

During this difficult time for our family, when I felt at a loss for what to do next, I bought a small spiral notebook of index cards. I started reading short Christian devotional writings and recording their Scriptures on those notecards. Then, throughout the day when I found myself worrying, I would flip through the notebook and find reassurance. Eventually, I repeated some of the verses so much that they would just pop into my head by themselves when needed.

Many notebooks later, it became commonplace to start thinking of Scripture in my daily life. Before I placed any emphasis on Scripture, I would hurry through my day, try to control any problems, and feel guilty about not getting enough done. I lived a scripted life. These days, I include God and his Word in my day. I look to Scripture for peace and hope. I live mindfully and with more gratitude. I call this new way of living a Scriptured life.

Maybe you are working on moving from a scripted life to a Scriptured life too. Or, maybe you are just curious about Christianity. It’s all okay with me. We can learn together.

I don’t have a set writing schedule. I write when a connection strikes me and when time allows, so there may be some longer breaks between posts. Receive new blog posts using my email subscription service and follow other updates on the social media links below. I am really glad you are here. Press on in faith my friends!

Blessings and Peace from a Work in Progress,

Jamie Trunnel

The “Learning to Pray” post tells you more about my story and how prayer helped me start a journey of faith. It is the post that means the most to me.

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