Blessings and Prayers

As I Walk
by Jamie Trunnel

God your touch is everywhere.
Marks of beauty,
I stop and stare.

Green in trees,
Baby geese in ponds,
Flowers on doorsteps,
Blue skies beyond.

Tell me God —
Today, who needs love?
How can I add to your work from above?

I will listen as I walk.
Counting blessings
While you talk.

I Will Go
by Jamie Trunnel

There is a God who leads me.
His sure footing knows the way.
I place my hand in his, following today.

I trust him to take care of obstacles
And show me what to learn.
With thoughts focused on him,
Surely the heart discerns.

Messages of love
Calming spirits and holding steady.
Grace surrounding,
Sending one ready.

For you, O Lord, I will go.
Do your work, for I love you so.

Answered Prayer
by Jamie Trunnel

When I am lost
And I don’t understand,
I ask God
To take my hand.

I say to him,
Tell me what to do
To make things better
And to pull me through.

God says take a moment.
Enjoy my grace.
Everything has a season.
Every emotion, a place.

Remove the blinders
And break the locks.
Hurt can heal
When light is not blocked.

Look for me.
I am everywhere.
The world I created
Answers your prayer.

God Meets Me There
by Jamie Trunnel

I find peace outside my door.
It’s a walk and a prayer
God meets me there.

I look up in the clouds and down in the dirt.
Smiling at faces,
To God’s call I’m alert.

I listen to the birds sing
And feel the wind blow.
Sometimes I see a fawn,
Wobbly legs land has yet to know.

There’s a dragonfly with wings so blue,
Shimmering hope for a world made new.

Circling a fountain by the old folks home,
I wave if they’re out watching me roam.

I hear the water flow,
And watch the thistles grow.

Finding a seat on a bench that’s green,
I spend time asking God to show me the unseen.

Hold onto your peace.
Lighten your heart, he speaks.

I am here with you.
My light will always break through.