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Gift4Today: Poetry Out of the Ordinary and Simple Wishes are part of an ongoing poetry collection focusing on gratitude. My profits are donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital with gratitude for the work they do.

If you use CreateSpace to buy Simple Wishes, I am currently able to offer a $3.00 discount off its selling price. Jot down Y4XE8K89 to use as a discount code when you order.

Books are available here:
CreateSpace (Simple Wishes)
CreateSpace (Gift4Today: Poetry Out of the Ordinary)
And at these stores:
The Hall Tree in Muscatine, IA
Flowers on the Avenue in Muscatine, IA
Just Because in Davenport, IA
Vineyard 2121 in Benton Harbor, MI
Beaverdale Books in Des Moines, IA
Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines, IA

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The Story Behind Gift4Today Books:

When my youngest child left for college I made a decision to cultivate gratitude by seeking out and photographing a gift or blessing found in each day. The photographs I took soon began inspiring my correlated poetry.

Gift4Today books feature treasures that we often overlook like cherry pie and church bells, puddles and picket fences, and rubber ducks and rainbows. A mischievous squirrel even makes appearances on the pages of both books.

The Gift4Today poetry collection is both whimsical and reflective. It playfully inspires cheer, mindfulness, and gratitude in readers of all ages. It is a wonderful gift to express thanks, wish someone well, or spread cheer.

Visit the Amazon or CreateSpace links above for further details about the books.

Thank you!


Note: A few poems from the books are below. You can see others by using the “Look Inside” and “Surprise Me” features for the books on Amazon. 

An Excerpt from Simple Wishes

Pink Shoes

This bench is empty most of the time.
Bikers, skateboarders, runners wave whizzing by.
They usher in my guilt,
As if sitting is a crime.

But, sometimes I need to take it in.
Look up, watch the birds fly.
Wonder where they’ve been.

I complain that the days go by too fast.
I can’t get enough done,
And the groceries never last.

These woods, I think, they don’t control anything.
Their days flow by
Without hurry,
Whatever changes bring.

I decide to be more like the woods.
Take each day as it comes,
Not feeling bad about worldly should’s.

Besides, I rise and consider,
It’s hard to have the blues
Treading soft on the pavement
When you’re wearing pink shoes.


Parked my feet center
By flowers of tin.
Eyes traveling over,
I take it in.

Garbage to gardens.
Must take some time,
And design.

Beauty does grow from ugly stuff.
Surprises bloom stunning
After life is tough.

Goodness burrows deep
In scarred territory.
Growing sturdy,
Recycling pain into glory.

An Excerpt from Gift4Today: Poetry Out of the Ordinary

Peace Pool Found

Peace cascades down from above,
Reminding hearts to be filled with love.

Top to bottom, over ledges peace flows.
Starts in the mind, then the heart, so it goes.

Meeting rocks or obstacles along the way,
Peace polishes smooth, intent to stay.

Peace says, let your eyes rest and follow me.
Rocks in every life stream we do see.

They adorn our path, bring stirring sounds.
Flow through trouble, a peace pool found.

Butterfly Place

So content, butterfly in my sight.
A summer reminder, things work out alright.

For you, a helpless start crawling on the ground
Ends beautifully in a miraculous turnaround.

It’s doubtful caterpillars know the plan for their life.
They just follow their instincts, trusting through strife.

What if humans did the same?
Stopped trying so hard to figure out the game.

Butterfly reminders float by on the breeze.
Nudging hearts who long for calmer seas.

Relax, be happy, find your place.
Because in the end, we all finish the race.